Hobgoblin: Halloween Campaign

Social media case study: Hobgoblin

An image of the timeline takeover one element of the social media campaign for Hobgoblin.

Hobgoblin Socal Media Case Study: The Highlights

+30,824 new page likes

108% increase in post engagement rates (liking, commenting or sharing the post)

300% uplift in organic post reach (the number of consumers who saw each post)

2,500+ downloads of the timeline takeover

1 award nomination…

…and one very happy client:

“Clarity provided a platform to amplify the brand activity to a new audience whilst engaging the existing audience. Well executed plans, engaging content, the ability to get under the skin of the brand, and a proactive attitude resulted in a phenomenal growth in Facebook ‘likes’ and reach not to mention an increase in Twitter activity.”

Chris Keating, Marketing Manager, Wychwood Brewery.

The Challenge

We’d previously delivered a small project for Hobgoblin and were invited to pitch to develop and manage the brand’s social activity.

The brand had developed its social following but has seen its numbers stagnate. The brand was looking for a new agency partner to manage, develop and grow its social channels.


The Strategy

Clarity commenced with a review of the Hobgoblin’s social activities and the results they’d achieved. This showed that there was a strong, loyal audience for the brand but that this wasn’t being harnessed via the brand’s owned social channels.

This identified the key issues that fed into a strategy that sought to:

  • Grow engagement levels with Hobgoblin’s Facebook audience in particular
  • A particular focus on addressing the low engagement from 18 – 24 and 25 – 34 year old segments whilst still engaging with the core 35+ drinker
  • Drive growth in the size of the brand’s social channels with a target of adding AND maintaining 10,000 new Facebook likes during the brand’s key October & November period
  • Help develop an ongoing social presence to support the brand’s objective of increasing drinking occasions outside of the core October/Halloween period.


What We Did

Key to the success of the strategy was a need to bring the brand’s personality alive via social channels. The mischievous nature of the brand which was prevalent on its website, email newsletters and offline was absent from Facebook and Twitter.

  • We knew that fans loved the brand, its imagery and identity so we created a bespoke app that took over consumer’s Facebook profile and cover images. This was downloaded over 2,500 times
  • We boosted the frequency of posts during the key October and November periods posting to Twitter daily and Facebook most days
  • We took a different approach to images being more mischievous. Image-led posts brought out the brand’s personality and subverted popular culture. These posts generated massive levels of engagement and helped us reach and engage with younger consumers
  • We launched three new Wychwood beers to our social audiences helping to support on and off-trade distribution. This included spot-the-pumpclip competitions where was asked fans to spot the beers in their local and send us photos. This saw 1,000 entries across their social platforms
  • We started testing promoted posts and Facebook advertising to determine their role in boosting engagement and growing audience numbers. This led to an investment of £3000 from Hobgoblin for Facebook advertising


Hobgoblin social media case study: example Facebook posts.

Examples of some the most popular Halloween posts and the levels of engagement achieved.

The Results

The results of the October and November activity exceeded all expectations.

Engagement levels more than doubled. Average post engagement grew from 2.17% (average of all posts in the previous 6 months) to 4.38%. This has been maintained since averaging 4.4% for all posts between October 2013 and March 2014.

Average interactions per post increased four-fold from 264 to over 1,074.

We created some of the brand’s most successful social posts. The most popular “Holidays are coming” saw 5,643 post likes, 3,685 shares and 250 comments. The post was seen by over 277,000 consumers, 5 times the size of the audience (at the time).

We were targeted on 10,000 new Facebook likes. By early November over 30,824 new likes had been added a growth in audience of 103% in just 5 weeks.