Sinclair Condiments: A dollop of social success

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Sinclair Condiments Case Study: Campaign Highlights

Increased social media followers by 125% in just 12 weeks

Campaign reached 531,897 people on Facebook

11 items of media coverage across nationals, trade and blogs

400% increase in mentions of Sinclair Condiments online

and a happy client!

“You totally nailed it! A brilliant campaign that totally cracked what we’re about as a brand and smashed the targets. We can’t wait for the next campaign.”

Nik Sinclair, Founder

The challenge

Without a shadow of a doubt Sinclair Condiments make AMAZING sauces. In only a few short years, founder Nik Sinclair has gone from making condiments in his kitchen to selling in 225 Morrisons stores.

Our role was to;

  • Support the Morrisons listing through social media & drive rate of sale
  • Develop a brand personality and tone of voice that creates stand out from other condiments on the market
  • Build brand awareness with foodies by growing the brands social media audience
  • Drive trial of the Sinclair range


There is no shortage of artisan, small batch, craft food products on the market. And yes Sinclair could be described as one of these – Nik made sauces in his kitchen, sold them at farmers’ markets, uses British ingredients etc. But how would these messages make his products stand out? We didn’t want Sinclair to be a ‘me too’ brand we needed to be bold.

The first step was to develop the tone of voice. To do this we created a matrix of nine functional and emotional brand attributes. These key words showed how we could push the brand into new places.

Once the client was on board with our thinking we could start to build our campaign. As we mentioned above Sinclair sauces are seriously good, we tested the products various groups of people – from condiment connoisseurs to non-sauce believers. The overriding feedback was that they couldn’t get enough of Sinclair Condiments and one word which kept coming up was ‘addictive’.

Given our bold brand proposition we created a campaign which played on people’s addiction.


The campaign: #CondimentsAnonymous

Sinclair Condiments are seriously addictive, they’re the crack of the condiment world. We know lots of people have a problem with condiment consumption and we want to give them a safe place to consume.

The campaign comprised of several stages:

  • Recruit condiment junkies – we used social listening tools to find people talking about inferior sauces. We set up searches for rival sauces brands and generic uses of words such as ‘ketchup’ ‘brown sauce’ ‘red sauce. We then actively engaged these people offering to get the on the good stuff. The first 100 recruits were given free sauce
  • Condiment Confessions – in return for people giving us their condiment confessions we fed their addiction with more of the good stuff helping to drive trial and conversation about Sinclair
  • Let’s talk about condiment addiction – the first step in recovery is to admit your addiction. We recruited foodie bloggers and online influencers to admit their condiment addiction to help spread the word about this problem 


The three-month campaign delivered impressive results for Sinclair Condiments:

  • 11 items of media coverage including Delicious magazine, The Daily Star, The Grocer & Retail Times
  • Increased Twitter followers by 1,000
  • Gained 210,000 organic Twitter impressions over the campaign period (more than Sinclair had gained in the previous 9 months)
  • Drove 5,081 clicks through to the website
  • Facebook content reached 531,897 users
  • RT’d by business guru and Dragon’s Den star Theo Papthitis
  • Recruited 8 online influencers to promote the campaign with a combined Twitter following of 221k