Social Media Training

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Whilst managing clients’ social channels is a key service, not all organisations want or need to outsource their community management. Our social media training helps social media teams with all aspects of their community management.

We’ve delivered social media training for clients in the arts, food, drink and tourism sectors.

Our bespoke social media training courses and workshops are designed to help teams tap into our channel expertise.

We can provide training on:

  • Audience insights: We help your teams use a range of tools to increase their understanding of your social audiences. Our training provides insights focusing on your sector and how audiences react and engage to brands in your categories.
  • Planning campaigns: We work with your teams to develop your social media strategy and ensuring you deliver effective, integrated social media campaigns and activities.
  • Content management: We show how to approach content creation whether it’s images, apps or videos. How to optimise content for each of your social channels.
  • Reporting and evaluation: We demonstrate how to assess your social activity and put in place KPIs and goals to ensure it delivers for the business. We also help clients understand how effectively their activity is at reaching and engaging with the right consumers.
  • Process & resources: Our training shows how to plan and manage your social media channels and which productivity tools you should be using.
  • Social media guidelines: We work with internal teams including HR & legal to help draw up guidelines for internal teams. These are particularly important in sectors where multiple stakeholders will be accessing, and conversing with your customers.
  • Social media advertising: Growing audiences via advertising is becoming ever more important as Facebook and Twitter look to increase their revenues. We take your teams through the process for LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook advertising showing how to set-up, create, run and report on campaigns.

If you’d like to find out more, why not drop us a line? We’d love to meet up and chat about your communications challenges – we’re all about a good conversation.