Social Media Strategy

Image as part of page on social media strategy services by Clarity Comms, a social media agency

Are your social media channels falling flat? Are you struggling to drive engagement or advocacy? We’ve all seen un-inspiring brand pages and Twitter feeds which don’t excite, aren’t maintained and definitely don’t add value for the intended audiences. There’s usually a reason for this and it’s a lack of a social media strategy.

Successful social media starts with a plan and defined objectives. If you want your social media to fly then developing a robust social media strategy is key. That’s where we can help.

Audiences and objectives

Your social media strategy also needs to reflect your wider marketing plans whilst recognising that social is a two-way channel. We work with clients to determine the objectives for their social media. It’s not enough to just be visible on social channels you need to set objectives and measure performance against these.

The next step is to understand your audiences. Who are they? More importantly, how do they use social channels? We use your audience profiles to determine which social channels to use. We also use published data and research to ensure you’re in the right channels for your audiences. We’re constantly monitoring the channels and their user profiles to ensure you’re always in the right place at the right time.

Once we’ve identified your audiences and objectives, the next stage of your social strategy is determining the content and campaigns that will resonate with your audiences.

Successful social media requires an ongoing commitment to creating content and managing your communities. A social media strategy helps you understand the resources you need to deliver effectively for your audiences.

If you’d like chat about developing your social media strategy, why not drop us a line? We’d love to meet up and chat about your communications challenges – we’re all about a good conversation.