Social Media Monitoring

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Do you know what’s being said about your brand online? You’ll be aware of comments, reviews and complaints posted to your owned social media channels: your Facebook page, Twitter account or Google+ page.

These are often the tip of the iceberg with consumers actively talking about brands across social networks, on forums, blogs and review sites. Social media monitoring lets you keep track of these conversations.

How do you keep track of all of these brand mentions?

There are a huge range of social media monitoring tools both free and paid. We make use of a range of these though our core platform is, Pulsar.

Social media monitoring: Pulsar

  • Pulsar provides us with the ability to identify and track influencers. Bloggers play an important role in creating advocacy and influence. Our software lets us pick the most influential blogs in your categories. It also helps see which of your fans are the most active advocates of your business or brand.
  • Topic and conversation tracking. Social is a two way medium so mentions are often part of a wider discussion of a brand. We can track these conversations keeping you abreast of the debate.
  • Assessing your shared media mentions. Is your social media content generating conversations and energising consumers to talk about your products?
  • Are you joining in the right conversations? Social media monitoring helps identify trends and topics relevant to your products and services. This then lets you decide when and where to join the conversation.
  • Brand share of voice. We compare your earned media conversations with your competitors to see if your brand is resonating with consumers and influencers.
  • Evaluating your campaigns. Social media monitoring allows us to gauge the impact of social media campaigns, as well as letting us see how far campaigns stretch beyond a brand’s owned channels.

If you’d like to know more about social media monitoring, why not drop us a line? We’d love to meet up and chat about your communications challenges – we’re all about a good conversation.