Social Media Advertising

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Are you harnessing the potential of social media advertising?

Social media advertising is becoming an increasingly important part of a brand’s marketing activity. Much of the development has been driven by the social networks themselves as they look to monetise their services. Audiences too are responding to ads and advertisers can see the benefits. The upshot is that social media advertising needs to be part of your social media strategy.

Clarity Comms’ social media advertising services can get you up and running. We also ensure that your paid campaigns are fully integrated with owned and shared social media activity.

So why advertise?

Many brands have built engaged audiences on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. However, the popularity of these channels means there are plenty of potential consumers, leads or customers who aren’t following a brand’s owned channels.

Social media advertising lets you reach these audiences. Sophisticated insights into audiences lets advertisers target by a huge range of options. For many social media advertising used to be about driving followers. The market has changed and there are now a huge range of options. Businesses can use ads to:

  • Promote their social pages
  • Tell brand stories through event related activity or video campaigns
  • Join in with social conversations and trending topics
  • Recruit followers
  • Generate leads
  • Drive app installs
  • Drive traffic to websites/stores

We help clients with all aspects of their social media advertising. We run campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Twitter and YouTube and can help you reach your audiences.

Unlike many media agencies our pricing is very simple. We don’t take a margin on your media spend. So we’ll spend what you agree to the penny. We charge a simple flat campaign or monthly fee based on the level of management and reporting you require.

We also offer detailed reporting. Social media advertising generates great results as well as insights which can be used to refine campaigns. Our reporting also focuses on maximising your results. We proactively monitor campaigns daily (throughout the day) to ensure that clients’ results are optimised.

As well as setting up and managing campaigns we can also help with the creative aspects. This can vary from standalone campaigns through to those that work alongside your owned social media content & campaigns.

If you’d like chat about developing your social media advertising, why not drop Lucy or Jason a line? We’d love to meet up and chat about your business’ challenges – we’re all about a good conversation.