About Us

Clarity is a new agency with a new approach to communications.

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Modern communications.

Brands now live in a world where the lines between traditional media are blurred, if they exist at all. Consumers don’t differentiate themselves by channels. Neither should we.

We use data, insights and research to discover more about your audiences and understand how best to engage with them. Our experienced planners then use the research findings to produce robust strategies.

This however, is only part of the equation. Robust strategies need creativity to help bring your stories to life, to craft engaging content and to cut through the noise.

In a nutshell Clarity tell your brand stories via digital, social & offline media, delivering your message to the heart of where your audience will be.


Research & Strategy – The thinking bit.
Finding your audiences. Defining the the strategy and how we’ll deliver for your brand.

Campaigns & Content – The creative bit.
Crafting the content, communications and stories we’re going to tell about your brand.

Coverage – The talking bit.
Journalists. Bloggers. Influencers. Building relationships with the people who you want to be talking to.

Communities & Conversations – The social bit.
Last but not least, your audiences who expect to converse with brands. Broadcast communications are dead. Modern communications are all about conversations.


Consumer PR

We specialise in social media and digital communications. When it comes to traditional consumer PR we work closely with R&R Teamwork, winners of the The Drinks Business Launch of the Year 2016 for Domaine Evremond.  


Like us, R&R specialise in the food and drink sectors. Independently owned, they’ve great connections, generate cracking coverage for their clients and are a fun to work with. Together, you get a partnership that gets your brand’s messages in front of your audiences online and offline. Find out more about R&R by visiting their website.

If you’d like to find out more, why not drop Lucy or Jason a line? We’d love to meet up and chat about your communications challenges – we’re all about a good conversation.